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About Laura

I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1988 and started my career in the field of Human Resources. For 13 years, I grew in my ability to work with people in many different capacities and thoroughly enjoyed this season of professional growth. I eventually transitioned home to be more present for my young family.

With a growing passion and desire to help others on a deeper, more meaningful level, I returned to school and graduated with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2014. As I have grown, my family and faith have become a treasured source of life, love, and profound joy. I am deeply indebted for their grace shown me in this journey.

While my clinical training is current, I also bring a personal wisdom from my own experiences. I can only take others as far as I’ve been willing to go myself, so I continually pursue personal and professional growth. I have empathy for life’s many challenges. Let’s face it, change and growth are complicated. I consider it a privilege and honor to support others in their journey. Although my Christian faith defines me, I value and honor my client’s spiritual beliefs in our work together and take great care to never impose my own.

Laura Westbrook, M.A., LPC
Laura Westbrook, M.A., LPC

What I Believe

I believe our early experiences in life shape our beliefs and can affect how we relate to others. John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory suggests they characterize our relationships “from cradle to grave.” In other words, learned relational patterns tend to repeat themselves –

UNLESS we interrupt the cycle.

Until we become more aware of our relational tendencies and how they formed we will not have sufficient desire or courage to change.

These habitual patterns may continue to mindlessly orient the direction of our lives and relationships if we allow them to.

I view behavior from this humanistic and systemic lens no matter what age group, while I remain relentlessly curious about each person’s particular story, how their beliefs formed, and how their journey has unfolded thus far. I work with my clients to understand early experiences and how these may be impacting present functioning and relationships.

When we take an honest assessment of where we have been and stand in fuller awareness and acceptance of where we currently are, we will then have the freedom to re-evaluate our present situation and create changes that align us to a more meaningful and authentic future.